Mario Crossover 2 Hacked

Super Mario Crossover 2 Hacked


Play Super Mario Crossover 2 Hacked here, one of the best flash games ever made!

This is the hacked version of the game where you get unlimited lives and each of the characters start out in their 3rd and best form. Also if you get hit you do not lose your power up. Oh, and you get unlimited lives too!

In this game you can play as Mario, Link, Bill R. (From contra), Simon (From Castlevania), Megaman, and Samus. Each of them have their own unique abilities such as shooting from their original games!

Press Z to jump and X to attack or Run. S is an alternate attack for whatever character you are using.

  • Mario - Mario is only character with the ability to run. He also gets fireball powers when he gets the flower just like in the original Mario NES. Mario has no alternate attack with S.

  • Link - While in the air, link can perform an upward thrust or downward thrust by pressing up or down. He can also throw his boomerang to stun enemies and grab items by pressing S.

  • Bill R. - Bill Can shoot in different directions if you hold up and down while moving. His powerups are very nice once you get him the flower.

  • Simon - Uses the whip to kill foes. He also can double jump while in the air if you jump a 2nd time, don't ask me how this is physically possible! Simon can also throw axes by pressing S. He can throw more axes at a time by getting a Mushroom or Firepower.

  • Megaman - Uses his blaster cannon to shoot enemies. He can also slide by pressing down and Z while on the ground for a burst of speed. When megaman gets the Mushroom or Firepower he can charge his blaster cannon to get a charged shot that is very powerful.

  • Samus - Samus uses her blaster to shoot enemies. She also can turn into a ball by pressing down. While in ball form she can set bombs by pressing X.

It's a pretty great game, but you need a good computer to play it. If your having trouble playing it in your browser you can just download it here. Make sure your right click and save as to your desktop. Super Mario Crossover 2 Hacked created by Exploding Rabbit. This site is an accordance to Jay's (The creator of SMBC) policy and has been given permission (I asked Jay on FB, and he said I only needed to post a link to to post this game on

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